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Money: Seeking God's Wisdom

作者 Jim Newheiser
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Money: Seeking God's Wisdom:,Doyouhavemoneytrouble?Financialproblemsalltoooftencomefromspiritualproblems,andunbiblicalviewsofmoneytendtoleadtofinancialdistres


內容簡介 Do you have money trouble? Financial problems all too often come from spiritual problems, and unbiblical views of money tend to lead to financial distress, idolatry of wealth or possessions, and confusion about the role of work in our lives. In this month-long devotional, biblical counselor Jim Newheiser turns to Scripture to reorient your heart to find biblical understanding and true contentment even when money is tight. When you worship God rather than becoming preoccupied with wealth's promise of security, possessions, and pleasure, you lay a strong foundation for true financial success. Reflection questions and practical exercises, paired with the wisdom of Scripture on financial and work-related topics, point you toward fiscal responsibility on earth and treasure in heaven.


書名 / Money: Seeking God's Wisdom
作者 / Jim Newheiser
簡介 / Money: Seeking God's Wisdom:,Doyouhavemoneytrouble?Financialproblemsalltoooftencomefromspiritualproblems,andunbiblicalviewsofmoneytendtoleadtofinancialdistres
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781629954974
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EAN / 9781629954974
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