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Stages of Life

作者 Doug Poole
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Stages of Life:,Thisbookdescribesthedifferentstagesaccompaniedbyseasonswithnumerousvariationsofdifficultythatmakeupourentirelifeasweknowitonearth.Ourphysicale


內容簡介 This book describes the different stages accompanied by seasons with numerous variations of difficulty that make up our entire life as we know it on earth. Our physical existence involves many facets that together encompass life as a whole. Looking at these areas more closely develops a better understanding of how things are realistically and relates a way of life we each experience in common. It also reveals the possibilities God has made available for our quality of life by following His directions and applying His biblical principles. The different stages accompanied by seasons present numerous variations of difficulty and opportunities that make up our entire life as we each experience it on earth. Looking at these areas more closely develops a better understanding of how things are and how they relate to each other. It also reveals the many possibilities available that need our attention to living a prosperous life. Our quality of life is directly affected by how we follow after the biblical suggestions offered in the Bible God has purposely provided for our benefit and success in life.


作者介紹 Doug Poole spent his life between 0-12 growing up on a farm in Oklahoma and then moving to Wichita, Kansas until eighteen. Completing high school at Wichita South, then on to college at the University of Oklahoma. The Marine Corps, Okinawa, and Vietnam occupied his time until getting married in 1971. His 42 years of marriage (1st wife deceased) caused him to turn from his single thinking and become involved with a family. The family he got was exactly what he had asked the Lord for and came as a package ready to be enjoyed. Years of training was necessary to teach him that God's ways were quite different from his and that he needed more training than he first thought. His life on the farm growing up, and his godly grandparents proved to be foundational in his development for what was coming in the future. With the school of hard knocks and the Lord woven all through his life, it brought him in his seventies to finally arrive where God wanted him the whole time. Now remarried, a season of remembrance and biblical principles have finally persuaded him to seek the Lord for a new adventure. And, that new adventure has been to share with others what God has taught him and to reference God's principles in the writing of several books.


書名 / Stages of Life
作者 / Doug Poole
簡介 / Stages of Life:,Thisbookdescribesthedifferentstagesaccompaniedbyseasonswithnumerousvariationsofdifficultythatmakeupourentirelifeasweknowitonearth.Ourphysicale
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781664228979
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