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Narrative Warfare

作者 Ajit Maan Ph. D.
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Narrative Warfare:,Contemporarywarsarelargelywarsofinfluenceandtheywillnotnecessarilybewonbythosewiththemostinformationorthemostaccuratedata.Theywillbewonbyth


內容簡介 Contemporary wars are largely wars of influence and they will not necessarily be won by those with the most information or the most accurate data. They will be won by those effectively tell the meaning of the information and what difference it makes for the audience.


作者介紹 Dr. Ajit Maan is a narrative strategist focused on national security and international relations. She is Founder and CEO of the U.S. based think-tank Narrative Strategies, Affiliated Faculty at George Mason University, member of the Brain Trust of the Weaponized Narrative Initiative of Arizona State University, author of Internarrative Identity: Placing the Self, Counter-Terrorism: Narrative Strategies, and co-editor of Soft Power on Hard Problems: Strategic Influence in Irregular Warfare.


書名 / Narrative Warfare
作者 / Ajit Maan Ph. D.
簡介 / Narrative Warfare:,Contemporarywarsarelargelywarsofinfluenceandtheywillnotnecessarilybewonbythosewiththemostinformationorthemostaccuratedata.Theywillbewonbyth
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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