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The Book of Jasher

作者 Prophet Jasher
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Book of Jasher:,TheBookofJasher,alostbookoftheBiblecomprisingninety-onechapters,ispresentedherecompleteinthecelebrated1840EnglishtranslationbyMosesSamuel.


內容簡介 The Book of Jasher, a lost book of the Bible comprising ninety-one chapters, is presented here complete in the celebrated 1840 English translation by Moses Samuel. Referenced twice in the New Testament scripture - once in Joshua and once in Second Samuel - the Book of Jasher is also known as the Sefer haYashar or the Book of the Upright. Its contents are wide-ranging; the creation of Man and the story of Adam and Eve, and the descendants of Noah comprise part of the text. The testing of Abraham by God also features, while Abraham's dialogue is notably expanded far beyond what is said in the Hebrew Bible. The text has gained a great following since its translation to English in the mid-19th century. The Church of Latter-Day Saints founder Joseph Smith praised its detail, noting the book's elaboration on the condition of the Earth following the Great Flood. Other Biblical events also receive elaboration, aiding the reader to better envision what transpired; as such, the Book of Jasher can be considered a useful companion text to the canonical Bible. Academic opinion of the Book of Jasher has varied; noting the linguistic composition of the Hebrew, and the presence of Medieval-era countries such as France (Franza) and Italia (Lombardy), scholars suggests that most of the text was composed far later than the Old Testament. However, many readers have praised its retelling of the Biblical canon, and are convinced that at least a portion of the text can be dated to the Biblical era, and that much of the book is the authentic word of God. This edition is a reprint of the popular and respected English publication by Mordecai Manuel Noah. A writer, editor and publisher based in New York, Noah used his fluency in Hebrew and English to source and commission an impressive and accurate rendition of the ancient text. When promoting the book, Noah did however claim that the revered historian Josephus spoke favorably of Jasher: no such mention actually existed. The translator is Moses Samuel, who was a Jewish author based in Liverpool, England during the 1840s. Upon reading the original Hebrew, Samuel felt immensely impressed by the work, and quickly set about creating this accurate translation which remains reputable and much-consulted to this day. This edition of the Book of Jasher is attractively arranged in a dual columned format, with a table of contents for ease of reference.


書名 / The Book of Jasher
作者 / Prophet Jasher
簡介 / The Book of Jasher:,TheBookofJasher,alostbookoftheBiblecomprisingninety-onechapters,ispresentedherecompleteinthecelebrated1840EnglishtranslationbyMosesSamuel.
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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