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7th Sense

作者 Maria Martinez
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 7th Sense:,MariaMartinezhasbeenaprofessionalpsychicforoverforty-fiveyears.Duringthattime,shehascomeacrossghosts,spirits,andamyriadofdifferentspectersasshehasc


內容簡介 Maria Martinez has been a professional psychic for over forty-five years. During that time, she has come across ghosts, spirits, and a myriad of different specters as she has continually tried to assist clients with the betterment of their lives. Whether it's telling clients the future of their love life or their business, she has been instrumental in the betterment of many lives. Maria has even been credited with saving and prolonging the lives of many of her clients over the years through several different means, including early detection of cancers long before any medical professional would have been sought out. Maria has worked with law enforcement to solve many crimes when they had no leads or the victim had sadly passed on. Maria has also been studied by the UCLA paranormal division and found to be one of the most gifted psychics of our time. Between speaking engagements and conducting paranormal investigations, Maria has been able to chronicle some of the most influential stories and has laid them within the pages of this book. After her greatest spirit investigation that lead to the publication of Finding Aimée, Maria had multiple requests to publish her own findings and now 7th Sense has actually arrived. Maria has opened her heart and history for those who want to know of her true gift. Readers are now able to gain insight to Maria's trials of growing up with her psychic gifts. From knowing karma and her friends more intimately than they ever knew themselves, to understanding that she could not change the will of God and save her own brother from the predestiny that would take his life at a young age. Maria takes the reader on an adventure through the decades, giving them the knowledge of how to meditate and channel healing energy. Maria not only shares some of her favorite stories about clients, she shares how those reading this book can hone their psychic gifts to allow them to reach their greatest psychic potential. Through thank-you notes from clients, personal records, and public documentation, 7th Sense is a journey unlike any other and touches on virtually all aspects of the paranormal. From casting out demons and breaking curses, to healing the sick and tormented, 7th Sense prove that life does exists after death, and a master plan has been laid down for those that currently walk the earth.


書名 / 7th Sense
作者 / Maria Martinez
簡介 / 7th Sense:,MariaMartinezhasbeenaprofessionalpsychicforoverforty-fiveyears.Duringthattime,shehascomeacrossghosts,spirits,andamyriadofdifferentspectersasshehasc
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781684096152
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EAN / 9781684096152
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語言 / 3:英文
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