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The Conscious Teacher

作者 Deborah Nichols Poulos
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Conscious Teacher:,Excerptsfrom"PraiseforTheConsciousTeacher"(Seefullquotesof"PraiseforTheConsciousTeacher"atthebeginningofthebook.)Thereisnooccupationtha


內容簡介 Excerpts from "Praise for The Conscious Teacher" (See full quotes of "Praise for The Conscious Teacher" at the beginning of the book.) There is no occupation that is more important and less appreciated than that of a teacher. . . . I am grateful that Ms. Nichols Poulos has written The Conscious Teacher to make new teachers aware of the ideas and techniques that well-prepared and truly conscious educators can employ to improve the lives of their students. Bravo Deborah! Delaine Eastin, State of California Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1995-2003. _____________ The Conscious Teacher, by Deborah Nichols Poulos, is more than a comprehensive 'how to' guide for both future and veteran teachers. It is an up close and personal look into how she became the teacher she describes for her readers. In many ways the book is a memoir of how she became the premier master teacher she models. Dr. Margarita Jimenez-Silva, Director of Teacher Education and Associate Professor, School of Education, University of California, Davis, CA _____________ The Conscious Teacher is a superb resource for educators, parents, and school administrators seeking tried-and-true advice on teaching. . . . Topics [range] from how to set the stage for effective learning to how to provide differentiated instruction . . . in a very accessible and engaging manner that leaves readers feeling inspired and eager to employ the book's techniques. Cynthia L. Pickett, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor of Psychology, University of CA, Davis _____________ The Conscious Teacher is written by a brilliant educator who has spent a lifetime seeking to help children achieve their full potential. I recommend it highly. Madhavi Sunder, President (2016), Davis Joint Unified School BoardProfessor, Senior Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs, UC Davis School of Law _____________ . . . I have mostly positive memories of [my early teachers], but Ms. Nichols Poulos stands out as truly exemplary. Debbie's [gifted] 4th grade class offered a unique dynamic, emphasizing a commitment to mutual respect, shared discovery, individual freedom of creativity and exploration, and clear and appropriately challenging expectations. She encouraged us to be independent thinkers and to take intellectual risks . . . [emphasized] the value of perseverance and . . . created an environment that pushed us to experiment with different problem-solving approaches and learn from our mistakes. . . . [ L]earning how to fail-and then try again-was one of the most important lessons Debbie taught us. [S]he emphasized the process of learning as much as its product, as well as the more elusive social-emotional skills. . . . . Debbie demonstrated that empathy, fortitude, and curiosity were necessary-not incidental-to intellectual rigor. I am so grateful to have[been] in her class... that helped to build a foundation for future academic achievement and, more importantly, instilled a commitment to lifelong learning. . . . The Conscious Teacher blends teaching philosophy and practical application in an accessible, exciting way; I can't wait to buy a copy once it is out. Karen M. McConnell, PhD, Teacher of composition and poetry, University of Michigan _____________ Debbie Nichols Poulos was my 4th grade teacher, and my favorite . . . for lasting positive impacts. [First, she gave] me the role of Cassius (in Julius Caesar), [and I discovered] a love of acting [that] helped develop my confidence and public speaking skills, which have been lifelong assets. Also, her method of teaching writing . . . instilled a love of storytelling. . . . [I]t felt like I was learning to write all over again, but in a way that made sense to me and [that was] interesting and fun. [And she] helped to develop . . . critical thinking, which . . . I built on throughout my academic years, and what I credit as being the single most im


書名 / The Conscious Teacher
作者 / Deborah Nichols Poulos
簡介 / The Conscious Teacher:,Excerptsfrom"PraiseforTheConsciousTeacher"(Seefullquotesof"PraiseforTheConsciousTeacher"atthebeginningofthebook.)Thereisnooccupationtha
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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EAN / 9781684095582
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