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Syntax Knowledge to Practice

作者 Nancy Chapel Eberhardt ; Margie Bussmann Gillis
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Syntax Knowledge to Practice:,TheLiteracyHowProfessionalLearningSeriestranslatesthelatestreadingresearchintohow-toinstructionalpractices.Basedonthecurrentandc


內容簡介 The Literacy How Professional Learning Series translates the latest reading research into how-to instructional practices. Based on the current and comprehensive Literacy How reading model, the Series draws upon the authors' decades of expertise and experience working with thousands of general and special education teachers. Organized for the busy educator who may be trying to find specific information, as well as for the professional seeking deeper understanding of literacy instruction and learning, the Series emphasizes Pre-K-3 conceptual and skill development. Teachers of older emerging or struggling readers will also find these tools useful. "What Gillis and Eberhardt accomplish here is a rare feat. They blend a deep and complex understanding of the research concerning syntax with lessons teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms. Using an array of scaffolded activities that are at once hands-on, interactive, engaging, and accessible, this resource is essential for any teacher who is serious about developing an understanding of sentences in young children." William Van Cleave, W.V.C.ED, Educational Consultant and Author, Writing Matters Syntax: Knowledge to Practice is for any educator who's wondered: -How is grammar related to syntax? -How does syntax (sentence-level skills) instruction improve text comprehension and written expression? -Why should syntax be taught in the context of writing? -How should syntactic awareness be taught? -Why teach meaning links to improve text cohesion? The Literacy How Professional Learning Series includes four Knowledge to Practice books: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Vocabulary, Syntax, and Comprehension. Each title in the series includes: -Relevant Research-The research basis for that domain of literacy development presented against the backdrop of the Chall's stages of reading development, with key research points presented in a bullet-point style-Knowledge for Effective Instruction-Background knowledge and the principles that guide instruction for that domain-Activities for Instruction and Informal Assessment-A collection of evidence-based activities written in an objective-driven format for that component of literacy instruction (with access to printable versions) -Text Selection Skills Analyses-Stage-specific text selections (i.e., predictable, code-emphasis, and authentic) illustrate using text to advance skill application-Appendix-Recommended resources for content and more in depth information referenced in the book.


書名 / Syntax Knowledge to Practice
作者 / Nancy Chapel Eberhardt ; Margie Bussmann Gillis
簡介 / Syntax Knowledge to Practice:,TheLiteracyHowProfessionalLearningSeriestranslatesthelatestreadingresearchintohow-toinstructionalpractices.Basedonthecurrentandc
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781981011902
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EAN / 9781981011902
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