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Pitch Black

出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Pitch Black:,LandowneandHorton]collaborateheretobringHorton'sstoryofperseveranceandhopetoprint,andthefluidblack-and-whitesequentialpanelstellitwell.Thehorrors


內容簡介 Landowne and Horton] collaborate here to bring Horton's story of perseverance and hope to print, and the fluid black-and-white sequential panels tell it well. The horrors attendant on homelessness are not sugarcoated, and the language is as raw and gritty as one might expect. Powerful.--Kirkus ReviewsOn the subway, do ever notice that people are always looking, but they only see what they want to? Things can be sitting right in front of them and still they can't see it.That's your guide Anthony speaking. He'll show you how he lives in the tunnels underneath the New York City subway system--that is, if you'll let him. Which is exactly what Youme decided she would do one afternoon when she and Anthony began a conversation in the subway about art. It turns out that both Youme and Anthony Horton are artists. While part of Youme's art is listening long and hard to the stories of the people she meets, part of Anthony's is making art out of what most people won't even look at. Thus began a unique collaboration and conversation between these two artists over the next year, which culminated in Anthony's biography, the graphic novel Pitch Black. With art and words from both of them, they map out Anthony's world--a tough one from many perspectives, startling and undoing from others, but from Anthony's point of view, a life lived as art.Youme Landowne (known as Youme) is a painter and book artist who thrives in the context of public art. She studied cross-cultural communication through art at the New School for Social Research and Friends World College. She has interned in public schools and has been a student at the Friends World College at the Nairobi and Kyoto campuses. Youme has lived in and learned from the United States, Kenya, Japan, Haiti, Laos, and Cuba. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.Anthony Horton lived most of his life as a homeless artist, surviving and creating in the secret underground tributaries of the NYC subway system. On February 5, 2012 Anthony died in a fire in an abandoned subway room under the city. Mr. Horton found solace in the blackness of the tunnels. He made the subway the subject of his canvases, the muse for a graphic novel that he co-wrote, and the place he called home for the better part of his adult life, even when he had other places to stay. --New York Times, Feb. 6, 2012


作者介紹 Mali Under the Night Sky is Youme's third book. Her first book--Selavi, A Haitian Story of Hope--won the Jane Adams Peace Award in 2005. The American Library Association chose her next book--a graphic novel called Pitch Black--as a Top Ten Graphic Novel for Teens in 2009. Born in 1968, Anthony Horton is a homeless artist who lives underneath New York City. His work can be seen along the tunnel walls in the darkest parts of the transit system.


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簡介 / Pitch Black:,LandowneandHorton]collaborateheretobringHorton'sstoryofperseveranceandhopetoprint,andthefluidblack-and-whitesequentialpanelstellitwell.Thehorrors
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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