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Tarzan the Terrible

作者 Edgar Rice Burroughs
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Tarzan the Terrible:,Twomonthshavepassedsincetheconclusionofthepreviousnovel,TarzantheUntamed,inwhichTarzanspentmanymonthswanderingaboutAfricawreakingvengeanc


內容簡介 Two months have passed since the conclusion of the previous novel, Tarzan the Untamed, in which Tarzan spent many months wandering about Africa wreaking vengeance upon those who he believed brutally murdered Jane. At the end of that novel Tarzan learns that her death was a ruse, that she had not been killed at all.In attempting to track Jane, Tarzan has come to a hidden valley called Pal-ul-don filled with dinosaurs, notably the savage Triceratops-like Gryfs, which, unlike their prehistoric counterparts, are omnivorous and stand 20 feet tall at the shoulder. The lost valley is also home to two different adversarial races of tailed human-looking creatures: the hairless and white skinned, city-dwelling Ho-don and the hairy and black-skinned, hill-dwelling Waz-don. Tarzan befriends a Ho-don warrior, and the Waz-don chief, actuating some uncustomary relations. In this new world Tarzan becomes a captive but so impresses his captors with his accomplishments and skills that they name him "Tarzan-Jad-Guru" (Tarzan the Terrible).Having been brought there by her German captor, it turns out Jane is also being held captive in Pal-ul-don. She becomes a center-piece in a religious power struggle that consumes much of the novel until she escapes, after which her German captor becomes dependent on her due to his own lack of jungle survival skills._Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 - March 19, 1950) was an American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan, although he also produced works in many genres.


書名 / Tarzan the Terrible
作者 / Edgar Rice Burroughs
簡介 / Tarzan the Terrible:,Twomonthshavepassedsincetheconclusionofthepreviousnovel,TarzantheUntamed,inwhichTarzanspentmanymonthswanderingaboutAfricawreakingvengeanc
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798718917345
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EAN / 9798718917345
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語言 / 3:英文
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