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Stand Out

出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Stand Out:,"StandOut"-includes"thebestof"TheRedPenguinCollection,featuringwriters,poetsandplaywrightsfromaroundtheglobe.EditorJKLarkinhascuratedthiscollection


內容簡介 "Stand Out" - includes "the best of" The Red Penguin Collection, featuring writers, poets and playwrights from around the globe. Editor JK Larkin has curated this collection, as well as the poignant, insightful and inspiring volumes in the collection listed below. Included in "Stand Out" are: Realiteen: Reflecting On Growing Up"The Typography of Her Chest" by Evelyn Sharenov"Because I Was There" by Christina Hoag"Sky Full of Stars" (excerpt) by Hayley St. JamesWhat Lies Beyond-Sci-Fi Short Stories"Generalist" by Stephen Oliver"Preacher" by Lisa Diaz Meyer"The Felinedae Mission" by Debbie De LouiseA Trip for The Books"The Spomenik Tales" by Shannon Frost Greenstein"The Halloween Blizzard" by David Lange"Someday We'll Laugh About This" by William John RostronI Can't Find My Flashlight-Contemporary Campfire Stories"Die Xian" (Ouija Board) by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito"The Butcher's Lunch" by Christ Kennedy"Dapper Man" by David LangeThe Beauty Within - Stories of Spirituality, Faith, and Love"The Children's Moment" by Linda Trott Dickman"New Orleans" by Elaine Donadio"A Collection of Poems" by Jenna Zeihen"Letter to God" by Jacqueline Bottenbley"Dance of Spirits" by Brianna WitteThe Moments"Christmas Kindness" by Skye Balantyne"Bonding With Lifers" by Christina Hoag"Touched By Rapture" by Jim Tritten"LOST&FOUND" by Nika Jordan Rose"The Best Time of My Life" by Swan Rose


書名 / Stand Out
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簡介 / Stand Out:,"StandOut"-includes"thebestof"TheRedPenguinCollection,featuringwriters,poetsandplaywrightsfromaroundtheglobe.EditorJKLarkinhascuratedthiscollection
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781637770146
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EAN / 9781637770146
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