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The Family Concept

作者 Courtney Henry
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Family Concept:,TheBibleisourguidebookforsuccessfulliving,soitstandstoreasonthattheWordofGodcontainsprinciplesthatcanbeappliedtoeverypartofourlives,includ


內容簡介 The Bible is our guidebook for successful living, so it stands to reason that the Word of God contains principles that can be applied to every part of our lives, including how to cultivate and maintain successful family relationships. The Family Concept is an exploration of the Bible's many family relationship principles and how they apply to our lives.A concept is an idea of what something is intended to be. It is the construct for what the inventor intends to design. God created the family according to grand design and purpose. To accomplish his purpose, God left nothing to chance. His Word gives us the principles that lead to the satisfaction of his purpose and the abundant goodness of God to appear in our lives.The Family Concept identifies those principles, gives understanding as to how they work, and highlights the benefits that are derived from their application. Is love more than emotions? Where does sacrifice fit into a successful relationship? What is my obligation to you if we are in a relationship? What does submission really mean, and does it work both ways? The Family Concept addresses those questions and provides many positive insights that will enhance our relationships when applied.


書名 / The Family Concept
作者 / Courtney Henry
簡介 / The Family Concept:,TheBibleisourguidebookforsuccessfulliving,soitstandstoreasonthattheWordofGodcontainsprinciplesthatcanbeappliedtoeverypartofourlives,includ
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781098065638
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EAN / 9781098065638
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