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Trinitarian Formation

作者 J. Chase Davis
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Trinitarian Formation:,ArewefollowingJesusthewrongway?DoyoueverwonderifmaybefollowingJesushasbeenalittletoocomplicated?Liketherearetoomanybadgestoearnorbridge


內容簡介 Are we following Jesus the wrong way? Do you ever wonder if maybe following Jesus has been a little too complicated? Like there are too many badges to earn or bridges to cross to be a disciple? What happens in many churches is very rarely discipleship. More often it is a nice religious service or class. It should be very concerning to us that we are not making disciples. If we can't even define what a disciple is and yet we have thousands of disciple-making ministries, shouldn't that at least cause us to question if we've actually defined the problem that discipleship is intended to solve? It seems like there is a different definition of discipleship for every Christian you talk to. If we can't even agree on a definition, is it any surprise that churches are creating disengaged Christians who can't answer basic questions of Christianity, don't seem to care about Christian ethics, and don't really seem to experience the presence of God? This book is an attempt to create a common definition based on one of the most foundational Christian doctrines--the Trinity--to help churches and people obey the command to make disciples.


書名 / Trinitarian Formation
作者 / J. Chase Davis
簡介 / Trinitarian Formation:,ArewefollowingJesusthewrongway?DoyoueverwonderifmaybefollowingJesushasbeenalittletoocomplicated?Liketherearetoomanybadgestoearnorbridge
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781725261594
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EAN / 9781725261594
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