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Kefir Cultures For Health

作者 William P. Ruggles
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Kefir Cultures For Health:,Kefiriscertainlyaprobioticdrinkcreatedbyfermentingmilk.Kefircanbeusedforobesity,athleticprformance,osteoporosis,raisedcholesterol,a


內容簡介 Kefir is certainly a probiotic drink created by fermenting milk. Kefir can be used for obesity, athletic p rformance, osteoporosis, raised cholesterol, and many various other conditions, but there is absolutely no sound scientific evidence to aid the uses.Kefir contains actively gr wing bacteria and yeast. Th ir influence on milk leads to the production of enzymes nd chemicals that affect just how food is digested.Kefir can be a cultured, fermented b verage that tastes good just like yoghurt drink.Kefir Cultured for Health takes the fear out of fermentation so you can heal your gut and experience the energy, health, and vitality that are available when your body is working as it's meant to. This book includes information on many health benefits of kefir, fascinating details of the drink's history, and recipes for delicious foods and drinks you can make with kefir....


書名 / Kefir Cultures For Health
作者 / William P. Ruggles
簡介 / Kefir Cultures For Health:,Kefiriscertainlyaprobioticdrinkcreatedbyfermentingmilk.Kefircanbeusedforobesity,athleticprformance,osteoporosis,raisedcholesterol,a
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781954634602
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EAN / 9781954634602
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