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Fintech Business Models

作者 Matthias Fischer
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Fintech Business Models:,Thisbookonfintechsshowsaninternationalcomparisononagloballevel.Itisthefirstbookwhere10yearsoffinancingroundsforfintechshavebeenanalyz


內容簡介 This book on fintechs shows an international comparison on a global level. It is the first book where 10 years of financing rounds for fintechs have been analyzed for 10 different fintech segments. It is the first book to show the Canvas business model for fintechs. Professionals and students get a global understanding of fintechs. The case examples in the book cover Europe, the U.S. and China. About the author: Matthias Fischer is professor of finance and banking at the Institute of Technology Nuremberg Georg-Simon-Ohm in Germany. His research has focused on strategy and M&A in the banking sector, value-based management, robo-advisory and fintechs. Dr. Fischer also serves as a member of the Groupe de Recherche en Management at the IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, Université Côte d'Azur in France. He is internationally active as a strategy and financial advisor. Reviews of the book: FinTech is not the next 'big thing.' It is the big thing now! FinTech is the new business model for the global financial sector, offering clear and enormous potential for vast economies of scale and scope, massive cost savings and efficiency gains, significant risk reduction, and opening the door to banking for literally billions of currently unbanked people. Professor Fischer has done a masterful job of expertly and informatively taking us through all aspects of the revolutionary new FinTech business models. Using state-of-the-art research techniques, he insightfully shows us how FinTech firms are financed and how they aspire to create value. His in-depth case studies unlock the keys to success in the FinTech sector. His fascinating book is a 'must read' for all financial professionals.Dr. Stephen Morrell, Professor of Economics and Finance, Andreas School of Business, Barry University, Miami, USA Matthias Fischer's latest book offers a comprehensive overview of Fintech business models around the world. With a very pedagogical approach, and in a particularly fluid style, the author takes us into the strategic logics of these new entrants to finance, who are carriers of innovation and sometimes of disruption, and whose strategies are focused on the need to always meet the emerging expectations of their customers. This precise and well-documented analysis should enable banks to reposition themselves in their ecosystem by studying these new business models, which will enable them to boost their growth.Professor Dr. Nadine Tournois, Dean of IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, Université Côte d'Azur, France, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur Fintech Business Models is a must-have book to understand the rapid and intense changes occurring in the financial sector. New technologies have allowed the birth of new financial species, such as Fintech, more adapted to the new digital economy. The content dedicated to the application of blockchain technology helps to understand its opportunities in the financial sector, not only in the means of payment and cryptoactives, but also in how blockchain can make multiple internal processes improve, allowing to optimize the management, efficiency and even security of operations. Without any doubt, this book offers an extraordinary vision of how the fintech sector has become a catalyst for change in banking in the context of the current Digital Society.Phd. Ricardo Palomo, Full Professor of Finance, Deputy Chancellor for Digital Transformation at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain and member of the Board of Alastria Blockchain Ecosytem This book provides a detailed and original overview of the most important fintech business models in the major global markets. Through a savvy use of the well-known Business Model Canvas methodology, the author explores the unique ecosystem, business model's components, and sources of competitive advantage of successful fintech firms. The book, in particular, offers an insightful and comprehensive analysis of the winning and losing strategies and performa


作者介紹 Matthias Fischer, Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Germany


書名 / Fintech Business Models
作者 / Matthias Fischer
簡介 / Fintech Business Models:,Thisbookonfintechsshowsaninternationalcomparisononagloballevel.Itisthefirstbookwhere10yearsoffinancingroundsforfintechshavebeenanalyz
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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