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New Blue

作者 John D. Drake
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 New Blue:,Fromanearlyage,JeremiahKronehadastrongsenseofrightandwrongandofjustice.Inthefifthgrade,hestoodupagainst,Buzz,theclassbully.WhenKronegraduatesfromhig


內容簡介 From an early age, Jeremiah Krone had a strong sense of right and wrong and of justice. In the fifth grade, he stood up against, Buzz, the class bully. When Krone graduates from high school, he applies to the police academy, is accepted, and graduates. But his first call as a young police officer fresh out of the academy is a shock. And it's what's missing that holds the answers to the crime. Thrust into the world of police work, Krone navigates his way through his rookie year. He balances a budding love relationship with his drive to succeed as an officer in this coming-of-age tale. Praise for New Blue "Author John Drake has done it again. This time, a novel of a young police officer learning the ropes of his trade in a beach town in North Florida. The wacky escapades cops see in the course of duty is material enough for a book. With an enjoyable writing style, the authors introduce youthful innocence to the mix and masterfully produce a compelling story. I hope we see more of young Officer Jerry." -James H.K. Bruner, Author, the Bike Cop Trilogy "Provides a realistic introduction to young people considering police work. A true rookie-eye view, from getting chewed out and nearly washed out, to persevering and succeeding. The path this new blue takes is honest and believable; it effectively shows the diverse nature of this amazing job." -Chief James T. Hurley, Fernandina Beach (Florida) Police Department


作者介紹 John D. Drake, PhD, is a psychologist and author who has published ten books. He founded and was CEO of Drake Beam & Associates Inc., a nation-wide human-resources consulting firm. Retired, he and his wife, Dee, live in Maine and Florida. They have four sons. Kevin C. Kozak, is an USAF veteran and a forty-three-year career law enforcement officer, serving as a Detective for the Miami-Dade PD. He lives in Northeast Florida with his wife, Tina, where he serves his community and country.


書名 / New Blue
作者 / John D. Drake
簡介 / New Blue:,Fromanearlyage,JeremiahKronehadastrongsenseofrightandwrongandofjustice.Inthefifthgrade,hestoodupagainst,Buzz,theclassbully.WhenKronegraduatesfromhig
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781663213082
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EAN / 9781663213082
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重量(g) / 694.0
語言 / 3:英文
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