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Algebraic Combinatorics

作者 Eiichi Etsuko Bannai Bannai Ito Tanaka
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Algebraic Combinatorics:,Thisseriesisdevotedtothepublicationofhigh-levelmonographswhichcoverthewholespectrumofcurrentdiscretemathematicsanditsapplicationsinva


內容簡介 This series is devoted to the publication of high-level monographs which cover the whole spectrum of current discrete mathematics and its applications in various fields. One of its main objectives is to make available to the professional community expositions of results and foundations of methods that play an important role in both the theory and applications of discrete mathematics. Contributions which are on the borderline of discrete mathematics and related fields and which stimulate further research at the crossroads of these areas are particularly welcome.


作者介紹 E. Bannai, E. Bannai, Kyushu U., Japan & China Three Gorges U., China; T. Ito, Anhui U., China; R. Tanaka, Tohoku U., Japan


書名 / Algebraic Combinatorics
作者 / Eiichi Etsuko Bannai Bannai Ito Tanaka
簡介 / Algebraic Combinatorics:,Thisseriesisdevotedtothepublicationofhigh-levelmonographswhichcoverthewholespectrumofcurrentdiscretemathematicsanditsapplicationsinva
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9783110627633
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