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Blood Ties & Brown Liquor

作者 Sean Hill
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Blood Ties & Brown Liquor:,SeanHill'sdebutcollection,imaginativeinthecharactersitinventsandintheformalliterarytraditionsitjuxtaposes,isneverthelessfirmlyroote


內容簡介 Sean Hill's debut collection, imaginative in the characters it invents and in the formal literary traditions it juxtaposes, is nevertheless firmly rooted in Hill's hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia, which he transforms into a poetic landscape that can accommodate the scope of his vision of collective and personal history. The poems create a call and response across six generations of family of the fictional Silas Wright, a black man born in 1907. As Hill takes on the voices and experiences of diverse characters in or connected to the Wright family, these individual glimpses add up to an intimate portrait of Milledgeville's black community across two centuries as it responds to stirring events both public and private. From a slave woman's scratchy hay-stuffed mattress to a black insurance agent's sinister patter, from sweet honey to the searing heat of brickyard kilns, the poems make vivid the sensuous details of quotidian lives punctuated by love and violence. From pantoum to haiku, from high-toned lyricism to low-down blues, Hill uses language in all its many incarnations to speak deeply about both southern identity and African American community.


作者介紹 SEAN HILL is currently a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University. He received his MFA from the University of Houston in 2003 and was awarded a Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellowship at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing in 2006. Hill's poems have been published widely in journals, including Callaloo, Indiana Review, and Ploughshares.


書名 / Blood Ties & Brown Liquor
作者 / Sean Hill
簡介 / Blood Ties & Brown Liquor:,SeanHill'sdebutcollection,imaginativeinthecharactersitinventsandintheformalliterarytraditionsitjuxtaposes,isneverthelessfirmlyroote
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9780820330938
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EAN / 9780820330938
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