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Murder at Kingscote

作者 Alyssa Maxwell
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Murder at Kingscote:,Inlatenineteenth-centuryNewport,RhodeIsland,journalistEmmaCrossdiscoversthenewestformoftransportationhasbecomethenewesttypeofmurderweapon


內容簡介 In late nineteenth-century Newport, Rhode Island, journalist Emma Cross discovers the newest form of transportation has become the newest type of murder weapon . . . On a clear July day in 1899, the salty ocean breeze along Bellevue Avenue carries new smells of gasoline and exhaust as Emma, now editor-in-chief of the Newport Messenger, covers Newport's first-ever automobile parade. But the festive atmosphere soon turns to shock as young Philip King drunkenly swerves his motorcar into a wooden figure of a nanny pushing a pram on the obstacle course. That evening, at a dinner party hosted by Ella King at her magnificent Gothic-inspired cottage, Kingscote, Emma and her beau Derrick Andrews are enjoying the food and the company when Ella's son staggers in, obviously still inebriated. But the disruption is nothing compared to the urgent shouts of the coachman. Rushing out, they find the family's butler pinned against a tree beneath the front wheels of Philip's motorcar, close to death. At first, the tragic tableau appears to be a reckless accident--one which could ruin Philip's reputation. But when Emma later receives a message informing her that the butler bullied his staff and took advantage of young maids, she begins to suspect the scene may have been staged and steers the police toward a murder investigation. But while Emma investigates the connections between a competing heir for the King fortune, a mysterious child, an inmate of an insane asylum, and the brutal boxing rings of Providence, a killer remains at large--with unfinished business to attend to . . .


作者介紹 Alyssa Maxwell began a love affair with the city of Newport years ago. Time and again the colonial neighborhoods and grand mansions drew her to return, and on one of those later visits she met the man who would become her husband. Always a lover of history, Maxwell found that marrying into a large, generations--old Newport family opened up an exciting new world of historical discovery. Today, she and her husband reside in Florida, but part of her heart remains firmly in that small New England city of great historical significance. For more info please visit


書名 / Murder at Kingscote
作者 / Alyssa Maxwell
簡介 / Murder at Kingscote:,Inlatenineteenth-centuryNewport,RhodeIsland,journalistEmmaCrossdiscoversthenewestformoftransportationhasbecomethenewesttypeofmurderweapon
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781496720733
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EAN / 9781496720733
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重量(g) / 385.6
語言 / 3:英文
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