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Up From Slavery

作者 Booker T. Washington
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Up From Slavery:,BookerT.Washington,themostrecognizednationalleader,oratorandeducator,emergedfromslaveryinthedeepsouth,toworkforthebettermentofAfricanAmerican


內容簡介 Booker T. Washington, the most recognized national leader, orator and educator, emerged from slavery in the deep south, to work for the betterment of African Americans in the post Reconstruction period. 'Up From Slavery' is an autobiography of Booker T. Washington's life and work, which has been the source of inspiration for all Americans. Washington reveals his inner most thoughts as he transitions from ex-slave to teacher and founder of one of the most important schools for African Americans in the south, The Tuskegee Industrial Institute. Booker T. Washington's words are profound. Washington includes the address he gave at the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition in 1895, which made him a national figure. He imparts 'gems of wisdom' throughout the book, which are relevant to Americans who aspire to achieve great attainments in life. Listeners will appreciate the impassioned delivery of the reader, Andrew L. Barnes. Legacy Audio is proud to present this audio book production of 'Up From Slavery' by Booker T. Washington.


書名 / Up From Slavery
作者 / Booker T. Washington
簡介 / Up From Slavery:,BookerT.Washington,themostrecognizednationalleader,oratorandeducator,emergedfromslaveryinthedeepsouth,toworkforthebettermentofAfricanAmerican
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9789389440270
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EAN / 9789389440270
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