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SAP S 4hana Architecture

作者 Thomas Saueressig ; Tobias Stein ; Jochen Boeder
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 SAP S 4hana Architecture:,PopthehoodonSAPS4HANAwiththisguidetoitstechnicalandapplicationarchitectureUnderstandthenewdataandprogrammingmodelsthatunderpinSAPS4H


內容簡介 Pop the hood on SAP S 4HANA with this guide to its technical and application architecture Understand the new data and programming models that underpin SAP S 4HANA and see how they differ from SAP ERP. Learn about technology components, like embedded analytics and integration. Then walk through the architecture of individual application areas like finance and logistics to see how they work and interact. Considering SAP S 4HANA Cloud? Explore scoping, compliance, performance, and more. Get the complete blueprint to SAP S 4HANA a. Technical ArchitectureBuild your understanding of SAP S 4HANA's technical foundation. Explore capabilities like analytics, interfaces, enterprise search, and the SAP Fiori user experience. See how the virtual data model and the ABAP RESTful programming model work.b. Application ArchitectureLearn about SAP S 4HANA's master data types. Then step through each application area to explore its key architecture components: sales and service operations, procurement, project management, manufacturing, transportation management, extended warehouse management, and finance. c. SAP S 4HANA CloudDiscover the architecture of SAP S 4HANA Cloud, whether it's identity and access management, security and compliance, or side-by-side extensions. Learn how SAP S 4HANA Cloud manages tasks and explore the fundamentals of configuration.1) SAP S 4HANA2) SAP S 4HANA Cloud3) Master data4) Sales and service5) Logistics and manufacturing6) Transportation management7) Extended warehouse management8) Finance9) Identity and access management10) Security and compliance11) Cloud operations12) Side-by-side extensions


書名 / SAP S 4hana Architecture
作者 / Thomas Saueressig ; Tobias Stein ; Jochen Boeder
簡介 / SAP S 4hana Architecture:,PopthehoodonSAPS4HANAwiththisguidetoitstechnicalandapplicationarchitectureUnderstandthenewdataandprogrammingmodelsthatunderpinSAPS4H
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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EAN / 9781493220236
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