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Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS

作者 Taschen/ Virgil Abloh
商品描述 Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS:Off-White™掌門人VirgilAbloh與Nike攜手,書中詳實回顧他與Nike合作打造過的50多個聯名鞋款背後的靈感、圖稿、設計心路歷程等等。Bringingtog


內容簡介 商品熱銷補貨中,預計到貨日:第一批(2021.12.01 14:00前訂購):預計12月底到貨第二批(2021.12.01 14:00後訂購):預計1月底到貨Off-White™掌門人Virgil Abloh與Nike攜手,書中詳實回顧他與Nike合作打造過的50多個聯名鞋款背後的靈感、圖稿、設計心路歷程等等。2016年,運動潮牌Nike和時尚設計師、同時也是Off-White掌門人:Virgil Abloh合作,聯手打造轟動一時的球鞋系列「10」。此企劃再塑Air Jordan 1、Air Max 90、Air Force 1、Air Presto等Nike經典鞋款,開啟當年球鞋復興運動。是時尚與運動品牌結合最經典範例之一,將球鞋文化帶到完全不同的層次。今年,Taschen出版社首次發行讓球迷們引頸期盼的專書《ICONS》,其中以大量圖片紀錄整個企劃創作過程。從合作靈感發想、到其修改過程的原始圖稿及文字記錄,皆完整公開,帶讀者們一睹當年此神聖企劃誕生的過程! The Sneaker as (Hyper)Object Nike and Virgil Abloh reinvigorate 10 icons of sneaker history In 2016, sportswear manufacturer Nike and fashion designer Virgil Abloh joined forces to create a sneaker collection celebrating 10 of the Oregon-based company’s most iconic shoes. With their project The Ten—which reimagines icons like Air Jordan 1, Air Max 90, Air Force 1, and Air Presto, among others—they reinvigorated sneaker culture. Virgil Abloh’s new designs offer deep insights into engineering ingenuity and burst with cultural cachet. Drawing on the genius of the original shoe using lettering, ironic labels, collage, and sculpting techniques, Abloh plays with language and sculptural elements to construct new meaning. Inspired by the wit of Dadaism, architectural theory, and avant-garde happenings, he analyzes what makes each shoe iconic and deconstructs it into an artistic assemblage, making each shoe into a piece of industrial design, a readymade sculpture, and a wearable all at once. Icons traces Abloh’s investigative, creative process through documentation of the prototypes, original text messages from Abloh to Nike designers, and treasures from the Nike archives. We find Swooshes sliced away from Air Jordans and reapplied with tape or thread, Abloh’s typical text fragments in quotation marks on Air Force 1, and All Stars cut into pieces. We take a look behind the scenes and witness Abloh’s DIY approach, which gives each model in the Off-WhiteTM c o Nike collection its own unique touch. The book documents Abloh’s cooperative way of working and reaffirms the power of print. For its design Nike and Abloh partnered with the acclaimed London-based design studio Zak Group. Together they conceived a two-part compendium, equal parts catalog and conceptual toolbox. The first part of the book presents a visual culture of sneakers while a lexicon in the second part defines the key people, places, objects, ideas, materials, and scenes from which the project grew. Texts by Nike’s Nicholas Schonberger, writer Troy Patterson, curator and historian Glenn Adamson, and Virgil Abloh himself frame the collaborative work within fashion and design history. A foreword by Hiroshi Fujiwara places the project within the historical continuum of Nike collaborators."


書名 / Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS
作者 / Taschen Virgil Abloh
簡介 / Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS:Off-White™掌門人VirgilAbloh與Nike攜手,書中詳實回顧他與Nike合作打造過的50多個聯名鞋款背後的靈感、圖稿、設計心路歷程等等。Bringingtog
出版社 / TASCHEN GmbH
ISBN13 / 9783836585095
ISBN10 / 383658509X
EAN / 9783836585095
誠品26碼 / 2681968757007
頁數 / 352
注音版 /
裝訂 / P:平裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 29.7X25.5X0CM
級別 / N:無


最佳賣點 : Virgil Abloh:「這本書某種程度上是了解我設計的 50 多種 Nike 鞋款唯一的方式。」