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Keeping the City Going

作者 Brian Floca
商品描述 Keeping the City Going:KeepingtheCityGoing奮力維持城市運轉即使病毒肆虐也要奮力維持城市運轉因為COVID-19,人民被要求待在家,減少群聚感染。但是,仍然有一群人得冒


內容簡介 即使病毒肆虐 也要奮力維持城市運轉 因為COVID-19,人民被要求待在家,減少群聚感染。但是,仍然有一群人得冒著接觸病毒的風險,保持城市的運作。他們是滅火救災的消防員、幫我們遠離麻煩人物的警察、載送病患的救護車團隊、送信的郵差、貨車司機﹙運送一些我們亂買的貨。抱歉,因為待在家太無聊,上網購物解悶。下次不會這樣了﹚、確保網路暢通的電纜、網路技師,讓學生遠距上課,學習不中斷、販售食材和日用品﹙尤其衛生紙﹚的賣場工作人員。最重要,還有醫生、護理師、清潔人員,確保醫院運作無虞,讓病患得到最好的照護。比起他們,待在安全堡壘的我們,能做的就是每晚7:30,開窗,敲碗、敲鍋、響鈴、吹口哨、汪汪叫﹙歡迎狗狗加入﹚,發出聲,共同響應唱和,感謝這些讓世界繼續運作如常的工作人員。 Caldecott Award winner Brian Floca gives a heartfelt thank you to the essential workers who keep their cities going during COVID-19 quarantine in this tenderly illustrated picture book. We are here at home now, watching the world through our windows. Outside we see the city we know, but not as we've seen it before. The once hustling and bustling streets are empty. Well, almost empty. Around the city there are still people, some, out and about. These are the people keeping us safe. Keeping us healthy. Keeping our mail and our food delivered. Keeping our grocery stores stocked. Keeping the whole city going. Brian Floca speaks for us all in this stirring homage to all the essential workers who keep the essentials operating so the rest of us can do our part by sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.


作者介紹 Brian Floca is the author and illustrator of the acclaimed picture books Locomotive, winner of the Caldecott Medal and a New York Times bestseller; Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11; and Lightship, each a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book. He is the illustrator of numerous additional books, including Avi's Poppy series. You can visit him online at


書名 / Keeping the City Going
作者 / Brian Floca
簡介 / Keeping the City Going:KeepingtheCityGoing奮力維持城市運轉即使病毒肆虐也要奮力維持城市運轉因為COVID-19,人民被要求待在家,減少群聚感染。但是,仍然有一群人得冒
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