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The Bee Book

作者 Charlotte Milner
商品描述 The Bee Book:,小蜜蜂大功勞你知道你吃的每一口食物,有三分之一是蜜蜂的功勞嗎?為什麼蜜蜂這麼重要?蜜蜂整天做什麼?為什麼蜜蜂也需要我們的幫忙?我們能做什麼?本書


內容簡介 小蜜蜂 大功勞 你知道你吃的每一口食物,有三分之一是蜜蜂的功勞嗎?為什麼蜜蜂這麼重要?蜜蜂整天做什麼? 為什麼蜜蜂也需要我們的幫忙?我們能做什麼?本書將介紹蜂蜜是怎麼來的?看工蜂整理蜂窩、照顧幼蜂,並見識一下養蜂人的全副武裝,用煙燻的方式取蜂蜜;蜜蜂除了採蜜,也幫忙植物傳播花粉,這些植物包含稻穀、水果、花朵,因此蜜蜂變少,相對的,食物也會變少;花朵提供小動物、和昆蟲、鳥類藏身和覓食功能,因此沒了小小的有蜜蜂,生態可是大受影響。 Discover more about our fuzzy little insect friends with award-winning author and illustrator Charlotte Milner. The perfect introduction to bee conservation for little ones. Learn all about the beautiful world of bees and their adventure from flower to flower. You'll find out just how much they matter, why they are declining, and what we can do to help in this adorable kids' book. Bees are brilliant at building, super social creatures and along with other insects, are responsible for a third of every mouthful of food you eat! Children will be fascinated by the beautiful pictures and learn plenty of buzz-worthy fun facts in every chapter, covering types of bees, beehives, beekeeping, how they pollinate plants and make honey. A beautiful kid's educational book about bees with a crucial message: not only does it inform and educate about an issue that is a real threat, but it also delivers it in a way that is gripping for all ages. A dazzling celebration of bees, packaged in a gorgeous hard backed book made with high- quality paper and spectacular illustrations. What's The Buzz About Honey Bees? Meet the humble honeybee face-to-face - an animal that is considered nature's hardest worker, in this engaging, educational kids book that you can treasure forever. What do they do all day? Why are bees important? Find out why they need our help and what you can do. Bees are responsible for so much more than making honey. This book is an essential tool in encouraging the protection of our precious buzzing friends for generations to come. Learn all about these valuable creatures: - What happens in the hive - What pollination is - Who the queen is - How honeybees talk to each other - How we can help them and much, much more! This adorable book is one of three children's books on conservation by award-winning author Charlotte Milner and includes The Sea Book and The Bat Book for your little ones to enjoy.


作者介紹 Charlotte Milner Charlotte Milner is a talented designer and illustrator, with a natural flair for illustrated storytelling and a keen interest in bees.


書名 / The Bee Book
作者 / Charlotte Milner
簡介 / The Bee Book:,小蜜蜂大功勞你知道你吃的每一口食物,有三分之一是蜜蜂的功勞嗎?為什麼蜜蜂這麼重要?蜜蜂整天做什麼?為什麼蜜蜂也需要我們的幫忙?我們能做什麼?本書
ISBN13 / 9780241305188
ISBN10 / 0241305187
EAN / 9780241305188
誠品26碼 / 2682006612005
語言 / 英文
尺寸 / 20.2X26.2X1.1CM
頁數 / 48
裝訂 / 精裝
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