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Die Schule

作者 Britta Teckentrup
商品描述 School:班上的同學,有一兩個包頭巾,有一兩個皮膚黝黑,頭髮好捲。他們跟大家不一樣;體育課分組,運動健將馬上組好隊,他們會挑體育細胞好的同學,確保小組勝出。剩下體


內容簡介 深入高年級校園經常創作幼兒與四季繪本的Britta Teckentrup布麗塔泰肯拉普,以第一人稱,描寫高年級孩子意識到同學開始區分團體,害怕自己面臨落單的 細膩情緒。班上的同學,有一兩個包頭巾,有一兩個皮膚黝黑,頭髮好捲。他們跟大家不一樣;體育課分組,運動健將馬上組好隊,他們會挑體育細胞好的同學,確保小組勝出。剩下體育沒那麼厲害的,就只好自己湊成一隊,彼此互相激勵。高年級的校園生活,開始自然形成小團體。分你我,分同與不同,分強弱,分好壞,活潑和害羞…,甚至,也開始注意到老師的風格,有的老師看見學生的天分,有的不在乎學生。對,這就是我們學校,你們的學校也像這樣嗎?有時候,我會成為少數,有時有點孤單,就像體育課分組落單那樣。怎麼辦呢?我只能笑笑。對另一位孤單的朋友,伸出手,打氣,一起前進吧!Young readers will recognize themselves in this compassionate portrayal of school life by bestselling author Britta Teckentrup.Few authors move as easily between the different worlds children inhabit as Britta Teckentrup. Whether she's leading the littlest readers through the seasons, or exploring the science of bird feathers, Teckentrup's warm and wonderfully detailed illustrations are a marvelous portal to feelings, facts, and fun. In her newest book, Teckentrup takes readers inside a busy school to follow different students through their day--in class, during free time, at lunch, and through swimming lessons. We come across a variety of faces and expressions that reflect the enormous range of emotions and experiences that each school day brings. There are arguments and hurt feelings, encouraging hugs and deeply felt smiles. The gentle text explores issues that we've all encountered--bullying and loneliness as well as friendship and achievement. While the school in this book could exist anywhere, every reader will find a piece of her or himself in its beautifully and sensitively wrought story.


作者介紹 BRITTA TECKENTRUP is the author and illustrator of dozens of well-loved books for children, including My Little Book of Big Questions, The Egg, and Birds and Their Feathers (all by Prestel). She lives in Berlin, Germany.


書名 / School
作者 / Britta Teckentrup
簡介 / School:班上的同學,有一兩個包頭巾,有一兩個皮膚黝黑,頭髮好捲。他們跟大家不一樣;體育課分組,運動健將馬上組好隊,他們會挑體育細胞好的同學,確保小組勝出。剩下體
ISBN13 / 9783791374420
ISBN10 / 3791374427
EAN / 9783791374420
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尺寸 / 23.5X17.3X0CM
語言 / 英文
裝訂 / 精裝
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