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鑽進巷子,發現秘密! 在地人才知的19條主題路線  更酷!更有趣!

跟著Lonely Planet 兩位背包客「勇腳」導遊Marco和Amelia,深入倫敦,進行各種主題的深度之旅!

多元角度看倫敦:藝術的「看秀去」、美食、運動、建築、水上的、皇家的、「倫敦的輪子」、「尖叫的街道」「尾巴傳奇」…等,原來城市各地都有小故事。例如:「特別的街道」—唐寧街,10號不僅是首相住的地方,連駐守的貓都有「內閣辦公室首席捉鼠貓」的官方頭銜;Carting Lane外號 Farting Lane(放屁),只要開啟街燈開關,就會聞到特殊味道,因為它是由汙水排放的廢氣發電。「車站下的秘密」主題:克拉珀姆北站地下隧道,二次大戰期間曾用來當防空洞,存放文件,現在變成地下農場!倫敦有40多個無人看管的幽靈車站,Aldwych車站常被用來拍片。另外,「美食篇」,想嚐嚐搞怪的文創食品「腦漿果醬」?本書也會告訴你喔!

Here's a book about London that's seriously streetwise! Let Marco and Amelia, our Lonely Planet explorers, take you off the tourist trail and guide you on a journey through London that you'll never forget. This book is perfect for anyone who has been to London, plans to go there or is just interested in finding out more about this amazing city!

Discover London's best-kept secrets, amazing stories and loads of other cool stuff from the comfort of your own home or while visiting the city! But, you don't have to be a visitor or armchair traveller to enjoy this--Londoners are sure to learn new things about their very own city too!

Find out how an old parrot hit the headlines, where you can purchase a tin of panic or some tasty brain jam, what the weirdest item ever left on a bus was and lots more! For readers ages 8 and up.


Special Streets
London By Jetpack
Tunnel Under London
Treasure Hunt
Yum Yum London
Go Wild
Magical Mysteries and Legends
London Wheels
London Out Loud
Scream Streets
Tales of Tails
Hey! Nosy Parker!
Secrets Revealed
Let's Do the Show
Wear London
Right Royal Route
Watery London
Sporty London
Pleased To Meet You

Also available: Paris City Trails, New York City Trails.

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It's going to be a big adventure - come explore!


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