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Brandjam, the follow-up to the groundbreaking best-seller Emotional Branding, presents a powerful new concept from renowned designer and business guru Mark Gobe. The Brandjam concept is about innovation, intuition, and risk. Gobe explains how design is the instrument companies can use for jazzing up a brandhow design puts the face on the brand and creates an irresistible message that connects buyers to the product in a visceral way.

Using jazz as his metaphor, he shows how the instinctive nature of the creative process leads to unusual solutions that make people gravitate toward a brand and make brands resonate with people by bringing more joy into their lives. It explores how design represents the personality of a company and provides its window to the world. Brandjam is an inspiration for brands and people as it reveals the transforming impact brands have on their audience. Follow-up to Emotional Branding50,000 copies sold in nine languages Insider's look at creating powerful, compelling brands and identities Exciting new ideas for using design to drive consumers to embrace brands

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