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英國明星花藝設計師 Paula Pryke全新推出花藝設計書,讓花藝成為居家最亮眼的配角

人人都喜愛被鮮花圍繞,但是新鮮的花朵擺設不但成本高昂,更無法長久維持美麗。世界知名花藝設計師Paula Pryke分享如何聰明的善用花園中的現成材料,在合適的花店、花木批發市場及鄰近的超市挑選花材,享受每日都有美麗花藝為居家生活加分。書中以四季為主題分類,Paula挑選每季她最喜愛的植物與花朵,這些花材不但美麗而且容易取得,還有詳細的種植計畫,讓讀者一年四季都有豐富的免費花材可供使用。此外,她也分享每季最值得採買的花草,不但花期長且確保預算不超支。透過Paula的巧思,不論是復活節、母親節或聖誕節花藝,皆有詳細的的文字說明與精緻的花藝案例圖片。賞心悅目的花藝設計不但能提升居家品味,想精進花藝技巧絕對不可或缺的必備書籍。

We'd all love to have fresh flowers at home all year round, but expense and the fact that many varieties don't last - as well as a shortage of time - often prevent us from doing so. Now, world-renowned flower designer Paula Pryke demonstrates how clever use of your garden, together with careful selections at the florist, garden centre or supermarket, can help you enjoy flowers at home every day of the year. Taking each season in turn, Paula discusses her favourite plants and flowers, both from markets and her own garden. Her planting plans for beds and borders, plus garden tasks, will help you produce a plentiful supply of plants and flowers for free all year round. Paula also suggests the best flowers to purchase each season, ensuring you get the most from your budget - whether by buying in season or choosing long-lasting varieties. Her top quality recommendations may not always be the cheapest, but their longer vase-life gives them unbeatable value, and saves you precious time. Featuring Paula's creative and eye-catching ideas for Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and more, Flowers Every Day is also a brilliant resource for special occasion flower arrangements. Paula's innovative, modern and fresh arrangements combine the very best seasonal flowers, as well as foliage, seed heads, stems, grasses, nuts and fruits to enhance your home and lifestyle, every day.


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