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Pantone Color Bridge: Uncoated

Pantone Color Bridge: Uncoated

作者  /  Pantone

出版社 / Pantone Asia, Inc.

出版日期 / 2014/03/01

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 平裝

定價 / NT$5,099

售價 / NT$ 5,099 ※ 特價商品,不再折扣

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An essential guide for designers, pre-press and printers – now with 644 new colors!

Bridge solid PANTONE Colors for process printing or web design. The PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE Set provides process color simulations of all solid PANTONE Colors – including all 644 exciting new hues – in a convenient side-by-side comparison format, on uncoated stock. This year alone we’ve added 84 new Blushes and Pinks, and clean and vibrant new Blues, Greens and Violets. Now graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers have more colors than ever to unleash their passion and let their creativity soar!

Also new this year are Artist Edition Covers. We selected artwork from a member of our PANTONE CANVAS Portfolio Sharing community to create a new inspirational cover. Find out how to join PANTONE CANVAS.
Pantone is the only internationally recognized color communication system. You can specify PANTONE Colors with confidence even if your manufacturing is half a world away.

An invaluable multi-use color reference tool, COLOR BRIDGE can be used to select and specify solid PANTONE Colors, to determine how a PANTONE Color will appear when reproduced in CMYK, or to create optimal display of PANTONE Colors on monitors and web pages. HTML and sRGB values are provided, for applying color selections across media.

All new colors have been specially formulated to print using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press. Ink formulations are provided to aid printers in mixing colors. Includes color index, lighting evaluation tool, digital image color-correction tool and software to update your design applications with the latest colors
Sold individually or as a set of two, with COLOR BRIDGE Coated.


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