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以2013年獲英國心理學會科普類書籍獎的Time Warped而聞名的作者Claudia Hammond,處理了神經科學、心理學與生物學領域的最新研究,她提供一種新穎、迷人且讓人深思的觀察,來看待人類與金錢的關係。


作者Claudia Hammond潛進讓人驚訝的金錢心理學當中,告訴我們,它與我們的關係遠比我們所想的要複雜地多。探索了心理學、神經科學、生物學以及行為經濟學的最新研究,她也揭露某些簡單、有效地的秘訣,幫助你更好地思考、使用錢,並且存得更多,例如:心情不爽有助於不被敲竹槓,為什麼應該選擇更昂貴的疼痛緩解,如何選購一台新的筆電,為何不該出於人情幫朋友付錢。

一本讓人大開眼界且有趣的探查,為何金錢力量大到控制了我們,Mind Over Money將改變你看待荷包以及銀行存款的方式。

The acclaimed author of Time Warped tackles the very latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and biology to provide a fresh, fascinating, and thought-provoking look at our relationship with money—perfect for fans of Dan Ariely and Freakonomics.

We know we need money and we often want more of it, but we don’t always think about the way it affects our minds and our emotions, skews our perceptions and even changes the way we behave.

Award-winning BBC Radio 4 host Claudia Hammond delves into the surprising psychology of money to show us that our relationship with the stuff is more complex than we might think. Drawing on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics, she draws an anatomy of the power it holds over us. She also reveals some simple and effective tricks that will help you use and save money better—from how being grumpy can stop you getting ripped off to why you should opt for the more expensive pain relief and why you should never offer to pay your friends for favours.

An eye-opening and entertaining investigation into the power money holds over us, Mind over Money will change the way you view the cash in your wallet and the figures in your bank account forever.

Mind over Money is an invaluable resource for anyone fascinated by the dynamics of money and for those wishing to learn how to maximize its power and greatest benefit.


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