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所有人都是陰謀論者,只在於有些人擅於隱藏這樣的自我。許多陰謀論者其實不如疑神疑鬼的怪咖戴著反心靈控制的帽子那樣瘋狂,也不是深信美國政府其實隱藏外星人存在真相的偏執狂。陰謀論者其實就身處你我之間,每個人其實都是陰謀論者。本書作者Rob Brotherton將帶領讀者發現歷史中重大陰謀論,深入人們為何會深陷難以置信及未經證實的陰謀論事件。Brotherton以詼諧幽默的方式解說人類大腦的神祕之處,挖掘人們最深層的慾望、恐懼及想像空間。黛安娜之死、首次登陸月球、甘迺迪遇刺,這些事件為何能夠激發大眾的想像力?透過心理學家的分析及探討,一同抵達真真假假、無人可信賴的陰謀論世界。

We're all conspiracy theorists. Some of us just hide it better than others.

Conspiracy theorists do not wear tin-foil hats (for the most part). They are not just a few kooks lurking on the paranoid fringes of society with bizarre ideas about shape-shifting reptilian aliens running society in secret. They walk among us. They are us. Everyone loves a good conspiracy. Yet conspiracy theories are not a recent invention. And they are not always a harmless curiosity. In Suspicious Minds, Rob Brotherton explores the history and consequences of conspiracism, and delves into the research that offers insights into why so many of us are drawn to implausible, unproven and un-provable conspiracy theories. They resonate with some of our brain's built-in quirks and foibles, and tap into some of our deepest desires, fears, and assumptions about the world.

The fascinating and often surprising psychology of conspiracy theories tells us a lot--not just why we are drawn to theories about sinister schemes, but about how our minds are wired and, indeed, why we believe anything at all. Conspiracy theories are not some psychological aberration--they're a predictable product of how brains work. This book will tell you why, and what it means. Of course, just because your brain's biased doesn't always mean you're wrong. Sometimes conspiracies are real. Sometimes, paranoia is prudent.


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