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知名政治評論者 Steve Richards為這50年來最大的政治變化,提供了清楚且深入的分析。不管政治局外人多麼有群眾魅力,即便掌權了,還是改變不了2008年金融危機所留下的後遺症。作者認為,全球化、社群媒體、移民問題以及停滯不前的薪資,都是影響政治地景快速改變的原因。他剖析了對傳統政治的信心為什麼來到了歷史新低,為什麼許多選民把主流的政治人物錯看為只為一己私利且冷漠的人。


Politics in the West has become unpredictable and tumultuous. In recent years, voters have deserted the political centre like never before. Whether it's Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Tsipras, or even Corbyn, why have outsiders and populists flourished on far left and far right? Why is the political landscape shifting so rapidly?

In this landmark book, celebrated political commentator Steve Richards provides a clear and penetrating analysis of the biggest political story of the past fifty years. He argues that despite charismatic outsiders dominating the headlines, the real answers lie in the failure of the mainstream to evolve in a world still suffering the fallout of the financial crash in 2008. Exploring factors from globalization and a changing media to rising immigration and stagnant wages, he reveals just why confidence in conventional politics is at an all-time low - and why many voters (wrongly) see mainstream politicians as self-interested and aloof.

And what of the outsiders themselves? Analysing their record so far, Richards argues that the reasons for their success also sow the seeds of their eventual demise. If they do gain power, they inevitably become insiders themselves - and fail to live up to their outlandish promises. But with the world increasingly unstable in the meantime, Richards warns that there is an urgent need for conventional politicians to reconnect with voters and for the electorate to engage with the constraints on elected politicians.

Intelligent, nuanced and wide-ranging, this is the essential handbook for understanding the chaotic political times in which we live.


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