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After the Fireworks: Three Novellas

After the Fireworks: Three Novellas

作者  /  Aldous Huxley/ Gary Giddins


出版日期 / 2016/10/04

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 平裝

定價 / NT$595

售價 / 9折, NT$ 536

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After the Fireworks: Three Novellas 其它優惠/消息

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「在After the Fireworks當中,兩個人的心理被巧妙地掌控著,對赫胥黎來說,這篇小說展現了罕見又真摯但稍縱即逝的同理心,同時也合理地接受了人類的缺點。」
--《紐約時報》(New York Times)

「After the Fireworks對赫胥黎來說,是重要的作品,也是轉捩點,因為它直接導向了《美麗新世界》」
--Gary Giddins (《村聲》雜誌The Village Voice專欄作家)

20世紀偉大作家阿道斯.赫胥黎(Aldous Huxley)的中篇小說After the Fireworks,敘述一位作家與謎樣的年輕書迷之間的私情,在暌違70年之後,與另外兩篇著名的短篇小說一起重返書市,另外附上曾獲”全美書評人協會評論類獎項”的音樂評論家Gary Giddins的導論。

在After the Fireworks當中,Miles Fanning是國際知名的小說家,他在羅馬遇見了Pamela Tarn,一位仰慕Fanning的年輕美女。Pamela Tarn不僅是Fanning最知名的作品當中一個角色的名字,她也與書中角色一樣,有著類似的謎樣特質。情不自已、陷入熱戀的兩人,有著年齡的差距,並且來自不同的世界,他們可看得見隱藏的危險結局?

另外的短篇小說Uncle Spencer是關於一位年邁的一戰老兵,在戰後追尋大戰時期在監獄所遇見的真愛;而Two or Three Graces,是關於一位充滿熱情卻又具毀滅性的作家與一位敏感的布爾喬亞家庭主婦之間的虐待關係。

From one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, Aldous Huxley, comes his great novella, set in Rome, about a writer s affair with a mysterious young fan now back in print for the first time in the U.S. in more than seventy years and also featuring two other acclaimed short works, plus an original introduction from noted critic Gary Giddins.

The psychology of the two individuals is shrewdly mastered.... After the Fireworks displays on Huxley s part a rare but genuine if elusive sympathy as well as a sound perception of human shortcomings. New York Times

In After the Fireworks, three of Aldous Huxley s lost classic pieces of short fiction are collected for the first time. In the title novella, Rome is the stunning backdrop where internationally famous novelist Miles Fanning sets out on a walk down Via Condotti toward the Spanish Steps when he encounters the mysterious Pamela Tarn a beautiful young American admirer of his work who shares a name, as well as conspicuous personality traits, with a character from his most celebrated book. Though there is a considerable age difference between them and they come from different worlds, both are soon irresistibly drawn into a dangerous affair which has unforeseen consequences.First published one year before he wrote his classic Brave New World and now back in print for the first time in seventy five years, After the Fireworks is Aldous Huxley at the height of his powers. Featuring an original introduction by National Book Critics Circle Award-winner Gary Giddins, this new collection also includes Uncle Spencer (1924), the story of an aging World War I veteran s quest for the lost love he met in a prison during the war, and Two or Three Graces (1926), the tale of a passionate and destructive writer s abusive relationship with an impressionable, bourgeois housewife.


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